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Alternative medicine for panic attacks…

Are you searching for Alternative medicine for panic attacks? If so, this article will help you with proper information. The medication methods that doctors are taking today comprise badly post practice side effects. For this reason alternative medicine is preferable. The most suitable prescription goes to natural herbs. These are not harmful for health and at the same time these act as an efficient solution to panic attacks.

The prominent herbs that can be used at panic attack are valerian root, passion flower, lemon, ginger, rose flower etc. Valerian root is used for its seductive effects. Normally it is taken at lower doses. It shows the capability to decrease nervous excitement and cerebral over-activity. For this case valerian root quickly soothe a racing mind happened owing to panic attacks. So valerian roots are used by herbal therapists at correct doses.

Green lemon leaves and lemon balm may be effectual enough to cure a nausea condition due to too much panic. In this situation blend lemon juice with a glass of cold water. Then add sugar and a spoonful of honey to it. Then have that drinks. A peaceful feeling will spread to each cell of the body. This will energize your cerebrum. Again you may take a cup of lemon tea. It is also effective in case of mental stress and panic attack.

You may also take ginger when panic arises. It may be taken in the form of ginger tea, ginger bread or even raw ginger. Whatever the form, it is effective for depression and panic stroke people. Again passion flower is another relaxant herb that you can use at panic attacks. It causes mild sedative property that can work swiftly on central nervous system. Therefore, it is widely used by therapist at panic attacks.

Another effective treatment for long term mental stress and panic disorder is to take psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can take the form of yoga, meditation or hypnotherapy. At first it is better to learn the rules and disciplines of the processes from a psychiatrist. Then you can practice alone. An important thing is that the choice of one from all these alternative medicine for panic attacks should be made upon the physical and mental condition of the patient.