Talk Your Way Through It


Do try to know what your teen has to say before you jump to conclusions or you end up having another round of angry words and probably say what you do not mean to say? Do not try to interrupt when your teen is saying his speech. Teens are especially the hardest to talk to. …

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Speak Your Mind


Nobody ever wished to admit defeat, regardless whether if it’s shown on your face; bold and highlighted as a horrible reminder every time you glance in the mirror. It’s rather difficult to allow a person the chance of walking in your shoes when they seem to be double-knotted infinitely to your feet with the refusal …

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How to Talk the Talk

parent-child relationship

The Importance of Communicating With Your Child From birth to the age of five, children form all sorts of new brain connections (called synapses) as a result of learned behavior. These formative years are crucial and parents are a big part of it. We give our children their first glimpses into the world of right …

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