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Books on anxiety and panic attacks…

Do you want to learn much more about anxiety and panic attacks? More specifically, are you looking for books on anxiety and panic attacks? You may want to know about the definition, nature and relation of anxiety and panic attacks with the physical and mental condition of a person. There are many books on psychology written by renowned authors. The most useful ones satisfying your quest are given below:

  • “Psychiatric and mental health nursing: the craft of caring”, written by Phil Barker, publication: 7 October 2003.
  • “Handbook of Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders”, Lewin, M. L. Theraja.
  • “The Racing mind”, Mohit Kamal, Ali Jaker, T. Foizuddi, publication July, 2006.
  • “Reliability of the self-report version of the Panic Disorder Severity Scale: Depression and Anxiety”, written by, Spiegel, Rucci, Shear & Houck.
  • “Information-processing deficits and cognitive dysfunction in panic disorder”, written by Ramseir, Vollenweider, E. Rechsteiner, M. A. Geyer.
  • “The relationship between panic attacks and chemical dependencies”, written by P. A. Fergusson,  J. Dorward, G. R. Norton, B. J. Cox.
  • “Quantum Method: A practical Approach”, Mahajatak.
  • “Alcohol use disorders and panic disorder: a review of the evidence of a direct relationship”, written by K R Schruers  ,F Cosci , Abrams K, Griez EJ, publication : Jun 2007.
  • “WCA recommendations for the long-term treatment of generalized anxiety disorder”, written by C Allgulander, B Bandelow, Hollander. Published at August 2003.
  • “Brief dynamic psychotherapy “. Written by T. Sclendal, Eliot and Jacob. Published at June 2006.
  • “The Natural Remedy of Panic and Anxiety Attack”, Robert T Foster, M Jones, G Agarwall.
  • “Neurobiological and neurocognitive effects of chronic cigarette smoking and alcoholism” written by T C Durazzo, D J Meyerhoff. Published at August 2007.

These most informative books that can let you know much more about anxiety and panic attacks. They demonstrated the form and symptoms of panic and anxiety creating correlation among anxiety, panic and physical conditions. They not only describe the bad impacts of panic and anxiety but also show the possible remedies that assumes. However, these books on anxiety and panic attacks will be useful for you.