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Herbs for Panic Attacks…

One of the most popular ways to deal with panic attacks these days is to turn to natural supplements.  There are many advantages to opting for these natural cures. First, you are not ingesting substances that have potentially very harmful.  You can still get the same impact that you get from prescription drugs and avoid other illnesses down the road. Also, natural herbs for panic attacks are easier and most of the time cheaper to come by than prescription drugs.  You do not need to go see a doctor and to pay for the visit. You can actually research most of the information on here, including how much of each supplement you should take.

Some of the most common herbs for panic attacks include:

  • Avena sativa (also known as Oatstraw) – the avena helps provide a soothing feeling and relaxes the nervous system. The effects are both immediate and long term.
  • Pssionflower – this herb is great to use during the day; it calms one down by relaxing the nervous system; it has been used specifically for symptoms associated with restlessness, nerves do to overwork and worry, hysteria, and excessive excitement.
  • Lemon Balm – this herb for panic attacks works similar to a sedative; it is great with those who have nervous agitation; for years lemon balm has been used to lift one’s spirits and to promote a long life.
  • Valerian root – this potent herb works similar to the drug valium in that it’s natural ingredients help one to sleep, relax both skeletal and smooth muscles, and with depression; unlike Valium, it does not have addictive properties
  • German Chamomile – this very popular herb has been a fan favorite for centuries due to how well it works; it relaxes the nervous system, calms nervous digestion, and helps tone the nervous system; since it is milder than both passionflower or valerian, it can safely be used on children as well as on the elderly

With any of these natural herbs for panic attacks listed above, you can be sure that you will be able to fight off your panic attacks, while keeping your body safe.