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Natural Remedies for Extreme Anxiety

Natural remedies for extreme anxiety are methods used to reduce anxiety without using any additives. Some of the natural remedy methods to minimize anxiety include:

Breathing and relaxation:

In most cases anxiety thrives when a person is taking shallow breaths. In order to combat anxiety, it is of prime importance to take several deep breaths to relax our whole body system. Deep breathing widens our diaphragm so that more oxygen enters our body. Deep breaths help one to relax as well as filling the entire body with vital energy needed to carry out activities.

Regular physical exercises:

When we overload our minds with lot of things, anxiety tends to thrive best in such situations. Physical exercises involve body movements as well as deep breathing. Exercises will help to calm your whole body thus no chances of anxiety building up in the body. In addition, you can take a hobby to free your mind from any stress.


It is advisable to seek help from professional counselors who will advice you on how to minimize anxiety without necessary using medications. When you share your problem with others, you tend to relieve your mind from stress.

Herbal remedy:

This is another great idea of managing anxiety and it has no side-effects like other methods of anxiety treatment such anti-depressants. Many people have used herbs as a natural remedy for anxiety and they have shown positive results. When herbs are taken in correct dosage, they can truly relieve several symptoms of anxiety. Herbs are clinically proven to produce excellent results for those who use them to treat anxiety. Examples of herbs that are clinically proven include:

a. Valerian – The advantage of this herb is that it acts very quickly. Studies have shown that one can get relieved from anxiety within one hour after using this herb.

b. L-theanine – It is from green tea extract and believed to be very effective even than some medications in the market. It is not addictive thus no withdrawal effects when you stop using it.

c. Passionflower extract – Effectively reduces stress as well as anxiety.

All the above natural remedies for extreme anxiety are better than using synthetic chemicals. Now it is up to you to take a decision.