Our New Site

In modern day life, suffering from anxiety and even panic attacks is very common.

Whether you suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking or driving, or when interacting with others, or whether your anxiety and panic attacks are so debilitating it makes functioning on a daily basis difficult, this website has been put together to help you recognize your symptoms, realize that there are many others who experience similar issues, and offers some potential options for how you can treat, and even potentially permanently resolve your symptoms.

And importantly, the focus of this site is not on attempting to solve these issues through medication, but instead on understanding alternatives that are out there that can help you deal with your symptoms on a daily basis.

This site offers a wide range of in-depth articles about anxiety and panic attacks, and we’re adding new articles very regularly.

And a few important points regarding the content on this site…

We’re not doctors, so we do always advise you seek the opinion of a qualified professional.  However, it’s also our personal opinion that medication should only be a temporary solution to debilitating anxiety or depression, and that a natural long-term solution should be found that works for you so that it’s not necessary you spend years on a prescription.

Now importantly, a number of different writers create articles for this site.  Currently, many of them publish under the pen name John Sommer to stay anonymous, but some may publish under their own name in time.

Our writers either suffer from anxiety and/or are well versed in the symptoms and potential solutions to anxiety through significant research.  And where possible either true life, or purely informational anecdotes have been included to present concepts and ideas in an easy to relate way.

And we have put together this site to give you a powerful resource for understanding your symptoms better, and possible solutions to them.  But we’re not doctors, and again advise you speak to a medical professional before anything else.

That said, it’s also our opinion that prescriptions are often given out far too freely for the most basic of symptoms, and we believe medication isn’t a solution, but should only ever be a temporary crutch for unusually difficult circumstances.  But again, that’s just our opinion.

And we also believe against self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs, as tempting as that may be.  I don’t think we’ve ever found a time where that actually solves anything, it may, in fact, make the symptoms worse, and may negatively affect other areas of your life including your health.

So consider this site an invaluable resource offering you advice for understanding your symptoms and presenting possible solutions for solving them, all delivered in an easy to digest way, but we’re certainly not the only resource online to cater to this subject, and we link out to other reputable sites often, so you can get multiple points of view and to help you understand the subject better.

But if you feel that this site is beneficial to yourself and others, feel free to share it on Twitter, FaceBook, by email, or simply link to us from your website.  Thanks for visiting, and if you have a question about any article on this site please post it as a comment and we’ll aim to provide an answer to it if we can.