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Panic attacks and menopause…

Panic attacks and menopause are interlinked though many people are not aware of this. It is of prime importance to educate the populace about the problems women experience during menopause. Panic attacks are common to all people including women who are in the premenopausal as well as menopausal stages of life.

Women are very vulnerable and are very anxious that something bad might occur during this period. There is need to educate the female about the connection between panic attacks and menopause. During menopause there is release of hormones in the female’s body. The female experiences some symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, giddiness, shivering as well as heart pains among others.

These symptoms are as a result of hormone adjustment during menopause. The patients get stressed due to this thus there is a possibility to develop sudden panic attacks. When such panic attacks are not treated early, it can develop to phobia. Frequent panic attacks in women interfere with their physical as well as mental activities thus failure to lead a normal life.

The first step in dealing with panic attacks and menopause is by accepting the sickness and then register the symptoms associated with the ailment in your mind. With this you will be able to recognize all the signs and treat panic attacks accordingly. During menopause it is advisable to relax your body through the best way possible.

Avoid any situation that brings you much stress. Take a day off from your daily routine work and this will greatly help you deal with panic attacks. Adapt relaxation techniques such as taking deep breaths to relief panic attacks. Carrying out yoga regularly helps you stop this kind of debilitating condition in your life. It is important to note that not all women with menopause face panic attacks.

There is no need to take medications during menopause. The best thing to do is to seek help from a health care practitioner on the way forward. There are many therapies that one can use to overcome panic attacks during menopause. Panic attacks and menopause are related and can best be prevented by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.