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Social anxiety disorder treatment…

This article provides adequate information about social anxiety disorder treatment methods. If you wish to know about the treatment methods then at first you must know about the origin of it. Social anxiety disorder is an abnormal situation characterized by the unnecessary and illogical fear in approaching to a social event. This may rise in early life of a child and then last through his or her life. Again social anxiety disorder may arise during the period of pregnancy. The patient always feels under hearted condition in front of the people.

The most important way to the social anxiety disorder treatment is the behavioral approach. If you feel yourself attacked by anxiety disorder, then do not delay to share it with your near and dears. Try to be cheerful minded. Having balanced diet, physical exercises and enjoying music, drama or movie are also very effective in reducing social anxiety disorder. The teachers in a school, workers in a day care center and the parents can also do much more to decrease social anxiety disorder of a child.

Regular prayer is also very effective in social anxiety disorder treatment. A pious person says regular prayer. If you believe in god then you depend upon god for the result of your deed. Thus you keep all the tensions and stresses out of your mind. The similar convincing approaches are applied by the psychologists and psychiatrists. They widely use different aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy to cure a patient depending upon the intensity of the attack and the physical condition of the patient.

In terms of the sudden acute social anxiety disorder you must meet a doctor immediately. Doctors widely prescribe Fluoxetine (Prozac), Paroxetine (Paxil), Fluvoxamine (Luvox), Sertraline (Zoloft) etc according to the depth of attack. These medicines are not the persistent solution but they soothe the racing mind. The medicines stated may assume a few side effects.

Medication approaches are temporary solutions to social anxiety disorder. They can be useful in case of sudden intensive difficulties. But for the permanent solution behavioral approaches do better. Self convincing, mental support from near and dears and advices of a psychiatrist seem to be the most social anxiety disorder treatment in reality.