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The Most Important Piece Of Advice For Panic Attack Sufferers (Part 1)

Hi there,

My name is Anna Gibson-Steel and I have worked with thousands of clients who suffer from varying degrees of stress, from panic/attacks, anxiety, depression, right though to suicide attempt survivors.

I’d like to let you know that if you have been suffering from panic attacks, there is a proven solution, that doesn’t involved drugs, or long hours of therapy.

Now, I realize this may be the first time you are hearing this, as is often the case with sufferers who have spent lots of money and time looking for a solution via the usual medical route. I know this because this is what happened to me 19 years ago, I spent 2 years and a lot of money attending a total of 48 different specialists, looking for a “cure” for my symptoms, which as you know are terrifying.

My First Panic Attack:

During my first panic attack, I actually thought I was having an asthma attack. I couldn’t breath. My heart was pounded. I felt it may be a heart attack. Of course I told myself “it couldn’t be a heart attack, 26 year olds don’t have heart attacks”. But then I remembered hearing of someone that age who did, which made me even more terrified. Add to that the sweaty palms, the disoriented feeling, lightness in my head, inability to think rationally, and I had one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

It truly felt like I might die.

I was rushed to a doctor who gave me a pill right there, but never gave me any explanation of what just happened me. He just told me to rest. Indeed, whatever that pill was it knocked me out for the afternoon.

Do this sound similar to your experience?

In treating thousands of clients over the years, this is a common experience that many sufferers can relate to.

My journey back to health and happiness was a long one, which I am now very grateful for…

Why? Because it brought me to discover the world of Energy Medicine, and over 75 trainings. This has been a fantastic platform that has enabled me to help thousands of sufferers…

… The important thing I would like to you to realise today, is that…

I Travelled The Long Road, And Made The Correct Discoveries, So You Don’t Have To…

The knowledge I have accumulated through research, trainings, teaching and most of all via my clients, allows me the ability to teach any sufferer how to end their panic attacks in just one session. So, most importantly I want you to know that there is more than Hope…

… There is a solution!

The focus of my treatments is different because it is my mission to empower you to take care of yourself – because I know everyone can!

Most medical solutions focus on treating symptoms. But this means you become dependant on drugs, your therapist, etc.

You see, I don’t see my clients as a food source, so my aim is to empower you so you don’t need to come back!

I remember years ago when I first started teaching my clients, my husband who is a business man said “so let me get this straight-you are now teaching clients so they can do it for themselves? And they don’t have to come back to you? That my dear is stupid!”

Perhaps as a business model, it is stupid. However, this never was and still doesn’t feel like a business to me. It is my passion, my life-purpose. I absolutely LOVE my work. In fact, calling it work seems like a cheat to me. It’s not work to me.

The Most Important Piece Of Information You Need To Know About Panic Attacks:

It’s quite simply this: You will not die from a panic attack!

The symptoms of your attack are the direct results of a sudden rise in your adrenalin levels.

Adrenalin is a hormone produced by your adrenalin glands of which you have two, one above each kidney.

One of the hormones secreted by these glands is adrenalin… commonly referred to as your “fight or flight” hormone.

When your sub-conscious (which runs all your internal systems) gets a signal of perceived danger, your reptilian brain sends a signal for the adrenalin to be released.

This ancient brain response dates back to when we lived in the jungle, and if you were faced with a lion, this hormone changes the performance capability of your body, so you have the power to stand and “fight” or run away “flight”.

Guess what these changes are?

Increased heart rate, short shallow breathing, digestion shuts down, more energy is sent to the limbs, sweating, memory shuts down, etc.

These are exactly the symptoms of a panic attack, because that is exactly what is happening internally. It’s all caused by a sudden rise in Adrenalin.

These Symptoms Are NOT The Same As A Heart Attacks…

In fact, research shows that the amount of Adrenalin released during a panic/anxiety attack is no greater than a one-hour aerobic workout. Just think about this for a moment. If you did a workout, what happens to your heart-rate? Your breathing? Do you sweat? Do your limbs shake?

Boy, do I wish someone had told me that 19 years ago!

Now what causes the adrenalin to be fired off?

I will reveal this to you in my next post. Stay tuned!

For today, Realize These Three Important Facts:

1. You will not die from a panic attack!

2. The physical symptoms of a panic attack are a direct result of a sudden increase in adrenalin!

3. There is a solution!

By the way, constant stress causes the adrenalin glands to remain in high alert, which means you don’t get much “down time”. And guess what? If you have adrenalin flowing through your body, you wont be able to sleep properly, either. Why? Because your body thinks your life is in danger! So it doesn’t want you to go to sleep fully, because you won’t hear that lion!

This Then Leads To All Sorts Of Physical/Emotional/Mental Issues!

This is where we differ from animals, who also have the survival adrenalin response…

If a deer is grazing happily in the field, then sudden it hears a russel in the bushes, immediately its senses are heightened by the adrenalin. This is very helpful, as he will be able to run away to safety. As soon as he escapes the danger, what does the deer do? He goes back happily grazing. He doesn’t spend the rest of his day/life looking over his shoulder, wondering when the next lion is coming! He is able to turn-off his survival response.

We humans are different. What do we do? We keep thinking about the near escape and keep ourselves on high alert 24/7 in case it happens again!

Our survival response does not get switched off!

Experience has taught me that panic/anxiety attacks occur when this survival system has become faulty, due to lack of flexibility, because it has been “switched” on for long periods of time – due to our hectic lifestyles, and how we process life’s traumas.

Re-calibrating this system is so simple you really will struggle to believe it! I will be sharing more information about this solution in upcoming posts. Please stay tuned!

I am very excited to share all this information with you, so that you can get your life back on track. Why? So, as David Tracey says, we can become re-enchanted with your life!

Looking forward to next time,
Wishing you love & light

Anna Gibson Steel is a mental health practitioner… a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)… a qualified Hypnotist… and… a holistic therapist who’s qualified in 75 different healing treatments and therapies. Over the last 10-years, Anna has worked with more than 2,014 clients (at her private clinic in Ireland) who suffer from varying degrees of stress, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and even patients who have attempted suicide. She is also the creator of the Gibson Steel Method, the best selling program for overcoming panic attacks and anxiety without drugs – www.GibsonSteelMethod.com

  • Garry

    Anna, I Would love to get more info on this please, I feel Cursed with all my anxiety issues. I suffer of panic attacks all the time dizzy head aches and thinking im always going to die. I’m 42 male and ive been dealing with this for years now and would like to get my life back on track. thank you. I get pains under the left peck on my chest dizzy, head aches, shortness of breath, sweats, I can feel my pulse thoughout my whole body wich freaks me out! Please Advice or help!!!

    • Jeremy Brackett

      Was a full blown hypochonriac for years and constant anxiety and worry for as long as I can remember. I read every self help book I could possibly find for years and finally came to the conclusion that: we choose the thoughts we think, those thoughts trigger emotions and feelings in the body. Someone with an anxiety disorder is unconsciously choosing these horrible worrisome thoughts. These thoughts have been absorbed by the environment and downloaded into our sub-conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind controls about 95% of our lives, so until you do a mental inventory and re-program your sub-conscious, you will continue to be the product of your environment. Contact me at http://www.iamlifecoach.com, I’ll explain in better detail. I can help you.