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Vitamins for anxiety and panic attacks…

You may be astonished to know that taking vitamins for anxiety and panic attacks is one of the most efficient natural treatments for reducing anxiety and panic disorders. Vitamins play a vital role in human body metabolism and at the same time brain functions. But a very important thing is that body and mind are extremely correlated. For this reason the deficiency of vitamins hampers the normal condition of both body and mind.

Anxiety and panic disorders are generally accompanied to each other. They may be thought to be occurring due the irony of the situation. But if you closely notice and think deeply then you will find that they are often very unnecessary. So you then conclude that this is due to physical and mental condition. The important vitamins that maintain better physical and mental condition are vitamin A, B, C and D.

The deficiencies of vitamin A can result irritability, bad mental situation, headache and mental stress due to lack of eye fitness etc. This is much frequently seen during the period of pregnancy and also at post natal times. Small fishes, pumpkin and yellow fruits contain a lot of ‘vitamin A’. So, this may be eaten for anxiety and panic attacks.

‘Vitamin B’ is the most effective vitamin to cure and prevent anxiety and panic disorders. Shortage of this often results in severe anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, mental stress and depression. To prevent or cure anxiety and panic attacks vitamin B1, B2 and B12 is essential. These are abundantly available at dairy products, liver, beef, milk, cereal grains, green vegetables, clams etc. People accustomed to eat junk food misses get a very small amount of these vitamins as a result suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

‘Vitamin C’ is also acts against anxiety and panic attacks. Unripe fruits and green vegetables contains great amount of vitamin C. sailors and pirates passing a living a long time on sea foods. As these foods lacks vitamin C they suffer from severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

Confidently through this article you have got a complete idea on a balanced diet containing vitamins for anxiety and panic attacks which is able to extirpate a lot of misery and suffering in your life and help you to lead a serene and peaceful life.